This video was made at Römheld & Moelle in Mainz, a BPE portfolio company acquired in an MBO in 2014.

Become an entrepreneur


With BPE, managers who have the motivation to become entrepreneurs become partners and co-shareholders of the company. Additionally, they have the opportunity to help foster growth and subsequently participate in the success of the company.

As a manager in the context of a Management Buy-out (MBO) or Management Buy-in (MBI), you invest in a company with considerable development potential at preferential terms.

Since 1998, BPE has focused exclusively on the financing of MBOs and MBIs in the smaller German Mittelstand sector. We attach great importance to a significant participation by our management partners in the joint venture.

Generally speaking, the expectations of an employed manager today anyway are similar to those that are generally expected of an entrepreneur.

  • Above average commitment to the company and its development.
  • A high level of affiliation with a company’s corporate identity and a strong sense of responsibility towards achieving strategic goals and towards the workforce are the backbone of joint success.

If you are already a manager in the company you want to acquire, we are your partner for a Management Buy-out (MBO).

Are you an experienced manager with a desire to become an entrepreneur? Through the BPE MBI-Initiative, we want to meet managers with whom we can jointly acquire a company, usually in order to solve a succession problem through a Management Buy-in (MBI).

Your opportunities to become an entrepreneur