DeutschAkademie Sprachschule Berlin GmbH
Leading private language school
for German courses

The DeutschAkademie Group is one of the leading private language schools for German courses (German as a foreign language) in the DACH region. Founded in 1999, the group teaches approx. 40,000 participants annually (mainly foreign students and expats) at 14 locations in Germany and Austria. The lessons take place either on-site at the language schools or as online courses. In addition, the DeutschAkademie successfully uses digital learning concepts to support participants in their learning process. The group has established a successful brand with a strong market reputation and is known for high-quality teaching classes as well as excellent support for participants.


May 2022 Management Buy-in
with a Manager from
the BPE MBI-Initiative
  • 66 employees
    (plus freelance teachers)
  • € 12m revenue


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